The Year to Abstain:  Judges 13:4-5

In 2017, God is positioning His people to thrive while under recession, depression, oppression and persecution.  In Judges, we encounter our theme for 2017, looking at the story of Samson, a fearless leader who took a foolish turn.  His power and courage were legendary, and sadly so was His downfall.  Though he failed, I am encouraged and enlightened by his story.  It is two fold, and I believe a prophecy for 2017 and beyond.

This year, we must Abstain!  We must keep ourselves from the things that will keep us from bringing forth the Word God has spoken over our lives.  We must discipline ourselves, keeping to His commandments, and insuring that our children are brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  We must make sure they keep things away from them, that restrict their power and to insure our actions don't prevent them from thriving.

We must be intentional this year to erase the Stain from our lives through seeking righteousness, knowing that our obedience can remove the power of the Philistines that stand before us.  Remember, if God be for us, who can be against us!  Let's use 2017 to Position Ourselves.


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